Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let The Polo Begin

Tonight we had our very first session of bike polo at the T.V. hockey rink in Temecula. hockey practice ended at 9 pm so we rushed out and even had a crowd watching us for a while. We used golf clubs and a mini soccer ball to play. it was Amazing! the players tonight included myself, Gus, Sami, Adam, Nick "Gnar Hesh", Sean, DJ, Bryan B., Dave Doom and Danny Boy. we switched up the teams once or twice. A few bumps a few bruises, a few teeth chipped...(sorry Adam), all in all everyone had fun and this will be a weekly event! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures because i was to into the game, but i can guarantee the next game there will be pics up of our "ghetto" rounds of bike polo! Cheers to a great night!

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